Pawn Jewelry with a Reliable Pawnshop

Pawn Jewelry

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Times can get tough for even the most stable folks.  An unexpected medical bill or major home repair can really cut into a budget quickly.  One way to help you get back on track is to pawn jewelry. Pawn shops in San Francisco can help you quickly get money for your goods.  The easiest thing to do is to gather up your gold, silver and diamonds to take down to a San Francisco pawnshop.
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Preparing to Pawn Gold

When you’ve gathered up all of your gold, you can get an idea of how much you will be able to get at the pawnshop by looking for the purity stamp on the interior of your pieces.  You should be able to find a stamp that says 10k, 14K, or even 18K on it.  This indicates how pure the gold is in your piece.  The purer the gold, the more it will be worth.  Next you’ll want to take your gold down to a pawn shop to be examined.  They will test the gold and give you a price they are will to pay or loan you for it.  When you do pawn gold, remember that you can still get it back.  This is a great aspect as you don’t have to completely get rid of your precious pieces of jewelry.  Really you’re just taking out a quick fix loan on these items.

Preparing to Pawn Diamonds

When you are looking to pawn diamonds, you must be very careful.  Diamonds can look the same to the naked eye, so you will want to make sure you have your paperwork with your diamond when you pawn them.  If you don’t have any paperwork for your diamonds make sure they are reviewed by a gemologist for your security.   This will also help get you the best price for your diamonds.
Pawning jewelry can be a great source of quick cash.  As with all things, make sure you read your contract and know all of the terms of the deal before consenting to pawning any item with pawnshop.

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